They told you she drowned, but it makes no sense. She might still be out there somewhere. Thankfully, you have a way to find out. Explore two routes and six different endings to the story!

This is a short narrative horror game about a missing sister, creepy mermaids, and a really, really deep lake. Made in 72 hours for Minijam 109: Depths, with the special limitation "health as a tool". Music, art, and scripting is all by me. There will probably be some typos and other issues due to the time limitation. Feel free to leave a comment if you find anything! I will add a downloadable build after the jam is over and I have time to do a proper proofread.

Wave sounds from Noted451 on Freesound:

Music made with Beepbox


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oh this was made for safari web browsers... but doesnt work on safari!!!!


hey!!! noticed no one else commented anything yet so wanted to be the first 1. almost am never the first 1 to comment on anything. exept once on 1 of markiplier`s live streams. it was that 1 with the happy masks... i was 1 of the first people to comment