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good but laggy.

the dog one almost made me cry. Sammy, if you're a ghost dog now and you've somehow learned how to read, i love you and i miss you. you're a good girl.



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This game was so much fun and super cute! I'm not sure how many endings I found, but I loved it! <3

i loved this! so many creative answers, doggo can stay forever but that first one, ouch, he can leav

Oooh I love the doggy. Doggy stays, doggy is NOT the reason I couldn't sleep. Doggy can stay with me forever :D I love Doggy!! Doggy ghost!! 

Hi, this visual "dating" novel was fun to play. We made the three ghosts disappear. You can see this in our funny video with great voice acting. Greetings, well done!

I usually steer clear of anything in the horror-genre, but your game drew me in and damn, was it worth it! Like another review stated, I do wish there were other ghosts, but this game is really good, and I enjoyed it.:D



I really enjoyed this game. I got two out of the seven endings and may play more to get the rest. I felt bad being mean to the scared ghost but I needed sleep! Ghost dog stayed.

I can't believe it's not butter.

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Really enjoyable story, i really enjoyed the writing style and i wish there where multiple ghosts so you could replay and get a different set of ghosts each time.

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i liked the personality of the first ghost n i related to n felt bad for the second. very fun short game 10/10


Great game, replayed it a few times and apparently if you're being haunted, just be a jerk to everyone and they'll leave, haha. Loved the game a lot

I feel as though I am not the hero I was meant to be, though perhaps I am simply the man I needed to be.

Great game.

Enjoyed the silly banter with each ghost. Thank you for making this! 2nd Game.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it!


i will admit when i met that second ghost, i was immediately like... "oh... i GET you......"

so delightful! ruf!

Thank you very much!


soooo cute! I love the ghost pup ending :')

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it (and got the doggo ending)!


wheres the incoherent screaming option?


I would love to be able to scream nonstop at the ghosts for a minute. Please add this to the game.


i think if you mix in some violent flailing and latin chants you can convince them you are like for real possessed and get them to run the heck away in terror of the ALPHA GHOST.

this of course leads to an ending where you have the best night of sleep you've ever had in a while. but a demonic looking spirit fades into view to imply you were actually possessed by this fourth ghost.


Interesting prospect. I kind of do want to add more branching options to this, and this is not a bad idea... Although the first ghost might just be even more intrigued by a possessed mortal!

maybe not after vague but ominous threats of being dragged into the underworld.


I'm legit tempted to add in a dialog tree that's just "AAAAAAAAH" for every answer... But I think our protagonist might be too sleep deprived to muster that much energy in the end.

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Absolutely loved it!

Great job developer!

Thank you so much for the feedback and for taking the time to play my game! I'm super glad you liked it. Loved your video, the voices you did are spot on!